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CBD for Moms who need a break the stress

CBD Moms

Moms have a lot on their plates. They often multitask to get themselves and their families through the day. From the moment they wake up to when they go to sleep, they have to manage not just their own schedules, but those of their children. With all of this going on, it’s not uncommon for moms to forgo their own mental and physical wellbeing to ensure everyone else is happy and healthy.

We’ve discussed the benefits of CBD products for mental health, but they don’t just help with stress and anxiety relief. CBD oils, creams, balms, salves, and sprays are great for practicing self care, something moms may not prioritize in their daily lives.

Keep reading to discover what CBD can do for moms to manage stress, feel healthier and enjoy a little R&R.

CBD for Soreness

Moms can’t afford to be out of commission due to soreness and discomfort; the needs of your family don’t wait for you to feel back to normal. Rather than learning to live with the pain, try a risk-free way to ease tension in the body.

CBD can help with inflammation and pain by stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors in muscle tissue that regulate both short-term and ongoing pain. Topical CBD products, like lotions and balms, are more focused on where they alleviate aches and discomfort, as long as you apply them directly to the affected area. Consumable CBD products take longer to metabolize in the body and aren’t localized in where they provide relief.

CBD for Skincare

When you look your best, you feel your best, and there are numerous skincare products available containing CBD. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it could be effective in managing red, puffy skin. It also has antioxidant effects; antioxidants protect skin from damaging free radicals that weaken the collagen in the skin. This indicates that CBD products could also be beneficial in fighting signs of aging.

Studies suggest that CBD affects human sebaceous gland function, limiting the secretion of sebum, which provides moisture for the skin but in excess can lead to acne. Additionally, all CBD contains fatty acids, which are known to relieve dry skin, including eczema and sunburn.  along with the fatty acids it contains, make it an ideal ingredient for treating the skin.

CBD for Sleeping

A good night’s sleep works wonders for the mind and body, but it can be hard to sleep with so much on your mind: from kids’ school and activities, to work, to social events and more. Stress and anxiety are the biggest culprits for a sleepless night, and in addition to CBD’s ability to ease stress, research shows it has potential in treating insomnia and decreasing sleepiness during the day. A spray under the tongue will give an intense dose of CBD that will work faster to relax the body and get you the sleep you need to tackle the day ahead.

CBD and Hemp for Cooking

Cooking can be therapeutic in its own way, and busy moms who feel like they are constantly cooking meals for their families can incorporate CBD in their favorite dishes. It works best in sweet recipes, as it has a somewhat bitter taste, but if infused properly and cooked at the correct temperature, it can mix in well with savory meals as well. However, don’t just pour some oil in; make sure to find a recipe that includes CBD and follow it closely.

Moms, it’s time to care for yourself. It doesn’t have to take long stretches of time away from your family; just take a few minutes of the day to do something for yourself that will allow you to go through your day happier and healthier. Include CBD in your daily routine and look, feel, and live your best.

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