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How to Create a Calming Environment in Your Space

Calming Environment
Implement an oasis you can always rely on

As much as we would love to have a spa day every week, most of us have neither the time nor the money for that level of “treat yo’ self.”  Still, with a little planning, you can create an appealing and reliably tranquil environment in your home that functions as a domestic oasis you can return to every day for that moment of serenity.

Locate your happy space

This is the spot where you retreat for peace and quiet. It can be unused, under-utilized or space you can renovate. Even in cramped quarters (hello, apartment living), there are ways to make the most of available square footage. 

Think about why you want or need a private space in your home. Other than work, is this space for exercise, meditation, listening to music, journaling, reading, therapeutic massage or simply relaxing? What you do with your space depends on your interests. But once you find that spot, it’s time to transform it. Consider this your audition for your future HGTV series.

Prepping your reserved oasis 

Before implementing your home oasis, a little organization clears the way: 

  • Remove clutter. 
  • Pack away toys, books and miscellaneous items. 
  • Dispose of stuff you don’t want or need. 
  • Archive and stash what you want or need elsewhere. 
  • Keep furniture and knick-knacks to a minimum. Too many objects are a distraction.
  • Buff and polish your reserved space to a sparkling clean.
Sharing with others while unwinding solo

If you share a house or apartment with other people, ask if it’s okay to unwind in your own designated space. Handling the noise around you can be a challenge. Privacy, especially in a big city, is a necessity. If totally blocking out unwanted noise isn’t doable, you might try reserving quiet time when most businesses are closed and your roommates or family members asleep. Half Day pear and lemonade gummies can get you through a hectic day and Half Day tincture oil can help you relax in the evening. 

Some folks room with pets. Although adorable, pets can be intrusive when hungry or need attention. To restore calm and reclaim time for yourself, treat your dog or cat to bacon-flavored Half Day Full Spectrum Plant Oil. Yeah, we’ve got your pets covered. 

Decor for a calming environment

Once your space is all cleaned up, it’s time to put your relaxing touch on it. 

One size doesn’t fit all in home decor choices but there are a few items that everyone can use. Unless you’re into decorating, you don’t have to stretch your wallet or max out credit cards for any of these purchases:

  • Mats and area rugs: Rugs tie a room together, man. Not only do they let you express some style, but they also set the tone for the rest of the space
  • Pictures and wall tapestry: Your room or dedicated space looks more inviting with artwork and tapestry. Choose simple pieces with soothing colors. Prints are less expensive than paintings and photos. Do you want to emulate the pines of the Pacific Northwest? Or maybe New England lighthouses put you in the right state of mind. Whatever it is, create your happy place how you want it. Wall tapestry softens irregular geometric lines and makes you feel more at home. 
  • Houseplants: Although artificial plants require no maintenance, real plants put us in touch with nature and help us breathe more easily. Succulents are easy to care for, can be moved about and don’t need to be replaced for long periods. Maybe a tasteful terrarium is in your future.
  • Light: When meditating, relaxing or exercising outdoors, one can take advantage of natural sunlight. But if your oasis is indoors, make the most of incoming sunlight or light the room with energy-saving floor lamps or wall sconces. Install special lighting if possible. 

One thing to keep in mind is that minimal is best and less is more when furnishing and decorating a fitness or meditation room. 

Soothing Half Day products for your getaway home oasis   

Whether you’re turning your space into a mini yoga studio or a comfy place to chill, keeping a jar of Half Day Full Spectrum Salve and Pain Relief Cream by your side is a good idea after a deep tissue massage, a vigorous workout or extended relax sesh. These Half Day products soothe sore muscles, relieve inflammation and help heal skin tissue. Often it takes more than a half-day to regroup, restore and recharge your inner calm. So make the most of a relaxing day at home with Half Day