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Why We’re Believers in Full-Plant Oil and its Future at Half Day

Half Day Full-Plant Oil

The Story of Half Day

Half Day was founded by two friends who independently discovered their passion for full-plant oil and its potential benefits. Founder Dave DiCosola first tried full-plant oil when a family member recommended it as a potential sleep aid. 

“I started as a skeptic who had difficulty sleeping at night,” says Dave. “On my first try, I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in years. I woke up refreshed and immediately started telling everyone I knew about my incredible experience. My advocacy went from casual to an obsession. The more I dug in, the more it became clear that I had found a passion and developed an expertise that would equip me to produce the best product possible. Simultaneously, my brother-in-law was reaching the same conclusion and we decided to team up to build a brand.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Half Day was founded in Dave and Kam’s local community in Chicago. It’s always been important to them both that their business is based in Chicago.

Half Day Full-Plant Oil

“We truly believe that if you want to make an impact you need to start in your own community,” Dave says. “We understand the midwest mentality and see opportunities to align with other Chicago based organizations. The timing is right for a responsible and sustainable industry to develop here in Illinois. Our state government is providing a clear path forward and we’re excited to be trailblazers in our hometown.”

Every part of the Half Day process is based in the midwest. The hemp is grown and processed in Kentucky before being shipped to Half Day headquarters in Chicago for bottling and distribution.

Why Half Day?

Potential customers may wonder why they should choose to buy their full-plant oil from Half Day over other retailers. Why not buy from Amazon?

“Full-plant oil is not allowed to be sold on Amazon,” says Dave. “What you are seeing is seed oil with numbers on the bottle that don’t actually equate to full-plant oil content. Full-plant oil comes from the flower, not the seed. If you tried so-called ‘full-plant oil’ on Amazon and were disappointed, it’s because you didn’t actually try full-plant oil.”

If you want to truly experience the benefits of full-plant oil, you’re better served by trying true full-plant oil made from the plant itself. And for the best full-plant oil, you should definitely try Full Spectrum Plant Oil.

Half Day Full-Plant Oil

Why Full Spectrum Plant Oil?

Not all full-plant oil is created equal. Here at Half Day, we exclusively produce Full Spectrum Plant Oil, which uses every available nutrient in the plant to provide the full benefits.

“If you’re trying to find something that can make you ‘feel’ better, you have to try ‘Full Spectrum’ products,” says Dave. “Full Spectrum Oil means the entire plant is processed and all potential ingredients are in the formula. All of these ingredients work together to give you the best possible outcome.”

The Future of Half Day

We’re living in an exciting time for full-plant oil. Recent legalization in the 2018 farm bill means Half Day and other full-plant oil experts can conduct long term clinical studies.

“The future is bright,” says Dave. “We’ll learn more about how full-plant oil can be used to treat specific symptoms and we’ll find new methods to make the product more affordable and accessible. We’ll continue to invest in innovation, education, and product development while staying true to our values of quality and transparency.”