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A few thoughts on racial injustice.

Black lives matter. Black communities matter. And in the face of longstanding, systemic racism and social inequality, there's a long road ahead if we hope to enact change. That's why we're committed to ongoing support of organizations and initiatives that push for that change.

We’re starting by donating a portion of our June proceeds to Campaign Zero, an organization that supports the analysis of policing practices across the country and advocates for ways to end police violence. But we won’t stop there.

Right now, we’re planning other ways to keep our foot on the pedal for years to come. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks and months about how we plan to help via monetary donations, employment practices and more. And if you know of a worthy organization or other ways we can support, we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we're continuing to educate ourselves. Here are some of the ideas and resources on our radar.

First and foremost, register and vote

We probably don't have to tell you this, but we'll say it for good measure: Voting in the upcoming election is VITAL. Put simply, the current administration is working against our fight to shift the tide of hate and biggotry in this country. You can register to vote here, and find helpful resources on voter rights and FAQs here, here and here

Talk to your kids about racism

We watched the Sesame Street/CNN Town Hall with our children this past weekend. We're also looking for ways to keep the conversation going. Here are some great resources we've found:

Watch and read

There is no shortage of wonderful, critically acclaimed books, movies and podcasts on these topics. Here are a few on our list:

Diversify your social feed

Looking for a way to listen and amplify black voices? Start by diversifying your social feed. There are too many great ones to name them all, but we started by following some relevant to the cannabis industry and our passion for supporting farmers/farming communities:

Reach out to your local politicians

Reform starts at a local level, so reach out to your local politicians and demand that they raise their voice on behalf of their constituents and vote in line with the change we demand. You can find all of the elected officials that represent you at a local, state and federal level here. Reach out and let them know your demands. 

Check your bias

No matter how progressive your beliefs, we all have inherent, strongly-rooted biases. It's natural and it's human—but being aware of our biases and recognizing when they're affecting our actions/behavior is important. Harvard's implicit bias test is an excellent way to confront your own biases.

Thanks for your ongoing support and stay tuned for more on this topic. Together, we’ll make a difference.