Can Pregnant Women Still Take CBD?

One aspect of CBD that remains mysterious is whether or not it could be safe for women to consume it when they are pregnant. It's a common question, though—particularly as CBD becomes more and more mainstream. In fact, the things that many users say they use CBD for (anxiety, sleep, pain) are some of the very things that impact woman more during pregnancy. 

Why Some Use CBD During Pregnancy

It’s not surprising that many pregnant women have an interest in making CBD part of their daily routine. We know from studies that CBD may be able to help with mood, sleep and physical discomfort, while also potentially helping with the nausea that is so common while a woman is carrying a child. 

Is it Safe? What We Know.

Unfortunately, there isn't a definitive answer regarding the safety of taking CBD while pregnant. That’s because we've only scratched the surface when it comes to CBD research, which means that we still don’t have as many studies on the topic as we would like. As this industry continues to expand and grow, we hope to see some informative research on the subject. Until then, we can’t say for certain.

What the FDA is Saying

You may have heard that fairly recently, the FDA declared that pregnant women should avoid CBD. However, the FDA’s declaration comes from the fact that again, there is not enough research on the topic to verify that it is safe. Furthermore, the FDA still has not approved CBD for general use, let alone use by pregnant women, and so this reponse is expected.


The Importance of Speaking to Your Doctor

If you are a pregnant woman who wishes to take CBD or maintain an already-existing CBD routine, the first thing that you should do is speak with your doctor. It's also important to consider any medications you are already taking (or have begun to take during pregnancy) as there's a chance certain medications can interact with the compounds in the hemp plant. 

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there simply are not enough studies that have been performed in order to determine with certainty whether or not it is safe for a pregnant woman to take CBD. This is why we suggest that you speak with your doctor and follow their guidance.