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How to Incorporate CBD into Your Work-from-Home Routine

How to Incorporate CBD into Your Work-from-Home Routine


Whether you were working from home before the COVID-19 crisis struck or you’re new to the remote workforce, you’ve surely discovered that there are pros and cons to working where you live.  On the plus side, you no longer have to hassle with a morning commute and you can work in your jammies all day, provided you don’t have any video conferences scheduled.


The flip side is that you are entirely responsible for managing your own time in a home environment filled with distractions, especially during coronavirus lockdowns, when you may be sharing the house with a spouse, kids, and pets that all want your attention.  It’s easy to get waylaid by spending time with loved ones, helping kids with homework, playing with pets, and dealing with the demands of managing your household (chores, bills, etc.).


Even if you’re able to lock yourself in a room and avoid these distractions during the workday, you may still have to deal with kids and pets rampaging outside your door, gardeners mowing and blowing leaves in your neighborhood, and trash trucks beeping and trundling down the street while you’re trying to concentrate.  In other words, it can be difficult to stick with a routine and actually get your work done.


Add to that the stresses associated with the coronavirus lockdowns, from job insecurity and financial difficulties, to health concerns affecting you and your loved ones, to uncertainty about when things might return to some semblance of normalcy, and it’s no wonder so many people are having trouble settling into work-from-home routines.


The good news is, there are steps you can take to normalize, to an extent.  Whether you’re creating a daily regimen, focusing on healthy habits, or supplementing your physical, mental, and emotional care efforts with safe and effective CBD products from Half Day, you’ll find that there are plenty of options to keep you on track.  Here are just a few ways to incorporate CBD into your work-from-home routine to ensure the most effective outcomes.


Non-Psychoactive CBD

If you’ve never used CBD before, it’s natural to wonder if it will impact your ability to work.  The good news is, Half Day CBD products are THC-free and 100% legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, which federally legalized hemp-based CBD and CBD products containing 0.3% or less THC.  In other words, CBD products will not make you high, and as such, will not impair your ability to function.


Preparing for Success when Working from Home

While there are certainly benefits to working from home, it can also be a difficult transition for those used to working in an office setting, socializing with coworkers, and relying on the presence of a supervisor for direction and motivation.  Whether you choose to work remotely or you’re forced into it by circumstance, it’s normal to go through a period where you suffer from anxiety and depression.


One way to combat the feeling that you’re always at work when home becomes your office is to compartmentalize.  Create a dedicated office space, ideally not your bedroom or other lounge areas, where you can close a door and focus on work.  Then set work hours and stick to them as much as possible.


A flexible schedule is often a benefit for home-based professionals, but it can become a liability if you never unplug, so try to stick to the 9-to-5, or whatever works best for you.  It’s important to separate your professional and personal time and space in order to feel like you have a private life away from your job when you work from home.


Why Choose Half Day CBD?

Even with boundaries in place, you may still feel stressed or suffer episodes of anxiety and depression when working from home, especially in the beginning.  Safe and reliable CBD products like easy-to-use, pre-portioned gummies, versatile tinctures, and familiar smokables can help to relieve symptoms when used appropriately.


When it comes to health and wellness, adding CBD to your regimen can deliver a variety of benefits, helping you to cope with the difficulties that so many are facing right now.  Working from home may not be as easy as you anticipated, especially with the pressure to self-motivate and stay on track.  If you need to calm anxieties, curb feelings of lethargy, and normalize sleep patterns, adding high-quality CBD to your routine can supplement other efforts.


Half Day CBD proudly offers organic hemp flower in a variety of strains to help you energize during the work day (sativa) or relax when your work is done (indica), for example.  You can choose pre-rolls for convenience, or opt for delicious, edible gummies in a variety of flavors for pre-portioned doses that are easy to manage.  Half Day also offers versatile tinctures that give you total control of your experience, or you can try topicals for targeted relief when you’re sitting at your computer all day, exacerbating repetitive motion injuries.


If you’re looking for safe, reliable, and effective CBD products, you’re sure to find the potent and consistent options you crave with Half Day.  We offer full transparency by posting our batch tests online so you always know exactly what you’re getting.


How to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Routine

How and when should you use CBD when you work from home?  CBD is safe to take at any time of day because it contains 0.3% or less of THC, so it won’t cause impairment.  That said, you’ll want to experiment a bit to find the products and schedule that best suit your needs.


If your stress level rises throughout the day and you have trouble sleeping at night, consider adding gummies or tinctures to your routine later in the day, or smoking indica in the evening to relax and regulate sleep habits, so you can stay calm and wake refreshed the next day.  If you struggle to focus and combat your stress from the moment you wake in the morning, consider adding a dose of CBD oil to your glass of OJ in the morning, or try sativa to get creativity flowing during productive morning hours.


Whether you’re new to using CBD, you’re new to working from home, or the combination is new to you, it’s best to start with small doses and work your way up to a daily regimen that works best for your particular needs.  When you incorporate CBD in smart ways, you have the best opportunity to promote personal wellness and enjoy the most beneficial results.