CBD Bundle: Combo Gummy, 1000mg tincture, and two pre-rolls


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Bundle and save $45—that's a 43% discount

Our three best-selling products are now available as a discounted bundle for a special summer promotion. Experiment with different forms of CBD to see what works best for you. 

From our experience, the ideal time to use CBD is situational. Use Half Day at different times for different uses. 

  • Gummy to start your day right
  • Tincture for the evenings to wind down
  • Pre-rolls for your nightcap—best shared with a partner!

Products included in the bundle

Combo gummies include one of every Half Day flavor so you can find your favorite. 

1000mg tincture is full-spectrum and contains CBD, CBG, and CBN. We introduce terpenes to improve the flavor and contribute to an added effect. 

Pre-rolls are just two ingredients: pure hemp flower (13% CBD) and hemp paper packaged in a well-crafted cone.