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Unwind with Deep Breaths and Full Plant Oil at These Chicago Yoga Spots

Chicago Yoga

We’re big believers in the power of “healthy body, healthy mind,” and when it comes time to break a sweat while centering ourselves, you know we’re unrolling the yoga mat. Yoga is a proven stress-buster, and even more so when combined with a regular course of full-plant oil therapy for recovery and relaxation. For those who live in the Windy City like us, here are just a few of our favorite yoga spots around Chicago.

Yoga Loft Studios
15 West Hubbard Street

Yoga Loft Studios on West Hubbard Street has an excellent reputation. It offers classes in everything from restorative Yin yoga to what it describes as “sweaty power” and “dynamic” yoga. They frequently run a two-week introductory offer for as low as $39, and have a variety of packages that offer yoga in groups of five, 10 or 20 classes, and offer both monthly and annual membership deals. You can also just drop in for a single class, but it is best to contact them or come by just to talk with them so that they can help find the class that is just right for you.null

Zen Yoga Garage
1845 N. Milwaukee Ave

Zen Yoga Garage offers a unique “yoga with benefits” deal that gets you a free mat rental, free entry into a limited number of special events, and a “buddy pass” as well as discounts on other classes. There are 17 classes a day, 7 days a week, and they offer a wide variety of class types from “soul mechanics” to power yoga, as well classes designed to help detox, cleansing and rejuvenation. Family and children’s yoga classes are also offered.

Bottom Line Yoga
141 W. Jackson Blvd

Bottom Line Yoga is situated right near Grant Park in downtown Chicago. Their motto “Yoga for people who need yoga the most” pretty much says it all. This studio specializes in courses meant to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and restore ease of motion to those who especially tightly wound. They even have a “come to you” program for those who can not make it to their studio. They bring the studio to your place of work and even offer corporate packages for companies that want to make use of their skills to help their employees unwind, refresh and improve their health.

Bloom Yoga Studio
4663 N. Rockwell St.

Bloom is a very welcoming place, especially for pregnant women, young mothers and even children. They also run teacher training and Reiki workshops, and even offer massages. Yoga “for all ages and stages,” is how they describe what they do, and they practice what they preach. This is a quiet, gentle, happy and loving place, even by yoga standards.

Room to Breathe
25 E. Washington St.

Room to Breathe is a “yoga and wellness studio,” which means it takes a holistic and “mindful” approach to help its students improve their quality of life. This means more than just stretching tight muscles and burning calories; it involves reducing and dealing with stress and anxiety in a positive manner. Their stated goal is to “connect you with your innate capacity for wisdom, strength, clarity and joy.” They try to accomplish this with “gentle flow” and “guided deep relaxation” classes, among others, and also offer “chair yoga” for those who have difficulty getting down on the floor or need a chair to help with balance.

Using full-plant oil to get the most from your yoga experience

Of course, even a relaxing yoga session can produce sore muscles. Fortunately, Half Day’s Full Spectrum Salve is perfect for a little recovery action after a visit to the studio. And sometimes it can be tricky to get into a yoga state of mind if we’re coming right from work, but it’s nothing that our peach tincture can’t solve. So let’s get ready to strike a warrior pose or two and enjoy a half day.