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Dealing with Pain Naturally with Half Day as Part of Your Plan

Dealing with Pain Naturally
Dealing with Pain Naturally

Managing Pain With Full-Plant Oil

So many people today struggle with pain, from chronic conditions to joint and muscle pain. In fact, it’s estimated that 20% of all American adults deal with chronic pain. Managing pain can be difficult, especially without using harmful, habit-forming medications. But don’t give up. Natural ways to manage pain can be quite effective.

Full-Plant Oil

At Half Day, we produce a full-plant oil cultivated from the entire hemp plant. Similar products don’t use every part of the plant in extracting oil, missing out on valuable nutrients that full-spectrum plant oil contains. In addition to fatty acids and proteins that make the oil more effective, Half Day’s product still contains less than .3% THC.

What does this mean for pain management? Regular use of our full-spectrum oil may prove more effective than other oils refined from hemp products due to being so nutrient-rich. So if you’ve tried similar products before without feeling any change, give full-plant oil a try!

What Pairs Well With Full-Plant Oil?

There are a number of different techniques for pain management that don’t rely on habit-forming drugs. Full-Plant oil is one of them — it’s all-natural and non-addictive. It also can pair well with other natural pain management strategies like the ones below.

Dealing with Pain Naturally


Meditating can be a useful tool for many people who deal with chronic pain. Not only is Full-Plant oil known to help with pain, but it also can be used to help you relax. Feeling relaxed is hard for those who struggle with chronic conditions, so using full-plant oil can help you if you have a hard time fully immersing yourself in meditation. Meditation can even be done in your own home, especially if you take the time to create a calming environment that allows you to relax.


There are a variety of essential oils that can be quite effective when diffused and used for aromatherapy. You can even diffuse oils while meditating, doubling the effect in conjunction with full-plant oil. Full-plant oil can be ingested through a spray or dropper– it also can be used topically as a salve. Whichever method you choose to consume the oil, it can work well while also enjoying the aroma from other essential oils.


Exercise can help us overcome chronic pain by strengthening our muscles, joints and ligaments, but it might be difficult to start a routine because of the pain. Yoga provides a low-impact and relaxing option that can be tailored to your specific pain areas. Yoga is one of our favorite ways to unwind in Chicago when we’re feeling pain either physically or mentally.