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Half Day CBD partnership network

Go far together. Want to become a Half Day partner?

There is something incredibly satisfying about collaborating with other brands to expand access to CBD. Creatively developing new products and putting them on a shelf or a menu is a thrill. The best part is that no matter where or how you introduce CBD, our customers see a bump in business because so many of […]

CBD Coffee Gummy, CBD coffee gummies label with partnership between Half Day CBD & Uncommon Coffee Roasters

Half Day Latte-flavored CBD gummies have been a big hit

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Andersonville, a north side Chicago neighborhood. Kam and Dave were setting up with the Half Day CBD Events team for Day 2 of Andersonville Midsommarfest. The Half Day Events team has had tents at every major festival in Chicago this summer selling the best cbd gummies, CBD oil, […]

Skin Care with Half Day

Positively Glowing Skin with Half Day Full-Plant Oil

Many have discovered the rewarding pain relief and calming benefits of full-plant oil. Now, the beauty industry is noticing the benefits of full-plant oil for skincare. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the full-plant oil compound is ideal for topical skin treatments. Start and End The Day with Half Day […]

Mocktails with Half Day

Refreshing Mocktails to Make for a Relaxing Half Day

It doesn’t get much better than chilling out with refreshing cocktails to take you from the dog days of summer into the cool autumn evenings. But the frustrating truth is that alcohol isn’t really good for you. So we’re eliminating those negative toxins that come with booze and opting for liquor-free, all-natural mocktails that still […]

Dealing with Pain Naturally

Dealing with Pain Naturally with Half Day as Part of Your Plan

Managing Pain With Full-Plant Oil So many people today struggle with pain, from chronic conditions to joint and muscle pain. In fact, it’s estimated that 20% of all American adults deal with chronic pain. Managing pain can be difficult, especially without using harmful, habit-forming medications. But don’t give up. Natural ways to manage pain can […]

Calming Environment

How to Create a Calming Environment in Your Space

Implement an oasis you can always rely on As much as we would love to have a spa day every week, most of us have neither the time nor the money for that level of “treat yo’ self.”  Still, with a little planning, you can create an appealing and reliably tranquil environment in your home […]

Fight Anxiety

Five Ways to Fight Anxiety with Half Day’s Help

How Full-Plant Oil Can Bring You Back to You Everyone feels stress at various times throughout the day, but for people with anxiety, that stress can become consuming. Generally, stress is caused by external factors, such as work pressures, disagreements with friends or family, running late, or when other things beyond our control go poorly.  […]