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Go far together. Want to become a Half Day partner?

Half Day CBD partnership network

There is something incredibly satisfying about collaborating with other brands to expand access to CBD. Creatively developing new products and putting them on a shelf or a menu is a thrill. The best part is that no matter where or how you introduce CBD, our customers see a bump in business because so many of their return customers are delighted by the option. From one-hour delivery to a CBD Pasta private dinner, we’re excited about the opportunity to work with our favorite entrepreneurs to make something unique and special.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we’re working together. If you have any ideas of incorporating high quality, lab-tested CBD into your business plan, please reach out to

Partner Breakdown

Door Dash

Sometimes waiting two days for your CBD is entirely too long. Especially if you are seeking relief from anxiety or stress. If you are within a five miles radius of 1438 W Cortland St, Chicago, IL 60612, we’ve got you covered with one-hour shipping. Every area pictured in the map below is a delivery zone for DoorDash.

Chicago CBD Doordash delivery Map radius
5 mile radius from the Bucktown area


Want to be the coolest boss ever? Is your team stressed over the end of the year quota push? In your next Fooda order, ask your rep to add CBD infused cold press juice from Herb ‘n’ juice with some CBD gummies.

The Hatchery

If you enjoy making food, the Hatchery may be one of the coolest venues you could ever visit. 67,000 sq feet and room for 100+ food or beverage manufacturing businesses…including your very own Half Day CBD. We love it because we now have:

Production Space

Access to Resources


Incubation Services

Community & Networking

Corporate sponsors for the Hatchery include ConAgra and Kellogg

Treadcast and Fitness Formula

We love a great podcast that gives you the motivation to be your best. That’s why we listen to Treadcast during our workouts. It only made sense to be the go-to CBD provider of everyone’s favorite personal trainer, Austin Head. Next time you’re working out at a Fitness Formula, be sure to look out for Half Day CBD.

Join us at the Treadcast Season 3 Launch Party on November 15th

Herb ‘N’ Juice

If you have never had a cold-pressed juice, then we feel bad for you. Nothing is quite as refreshing and it’s such a healthy and natural addition on your path to wellness. You can now order Herb-n-juice via DoorDash and Ubereats with a nice addition of Half Day CBD. Our high-quality formula blends in perfectly.

Our very own, Kameron Norwood, just completed a podcast with Herb ‘N’ Juice founder Joseph Wehrli. Super fun and interesting perspectives about Health, Juice, and Entrepreneurship. Watch the podcast on Youtube.

Jo Jo’s Milk Bar

As always, health and wellness are core to what we do, but who doesn’t want to enjoy a milkshake time and again? It’s part of finding balance and enjoying life. That’s why adding a Half Day CBD gummy topper is one of the most badass ways to dress up a decadent milkshake. Be sure to head over to 23 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL to give it a try.

Jo Jo's milk bar with CBD

Revolution Physical Therapy

If you’re trying to recover from injury or lose some weight from too many milkshakes. You should check out the newest Revolution office to open in Roscoe Village. Ask for Dr. Joe Janasek and he’ll be sure to get you back on track with an amazing program tailored to you.

As you deal with the pain and soreness on your journey back to full recovery, Revolution will have Half Day CBD products on-site to assist.

Uncommon Coffee Roasters

We have gotten a lot of press recently related to our CBD Coffee gummies. It’s all because we use an incredible cold brew roast from our partners at Uncommon Coffee to make a Latte flavored gummy that is the perfect start to any day. We call it “Calmer Coffee” and you can read about it here, here, and here.

Calmer Coffee 25 mg of CBD per gummy

Doom Street Eats

Doom Street Eats is the best Chicago food truck in the game. It only makes sense for them to work with the best CBD company. One of our first-ever collaborations was a Fruity Pebbles Krispie treat for Riot Fest. Since the treat sold out in 3 hours and we had to meet up at midnight to get more CBD we had to meet the demand for the following day. Stay tuned for more unique CBD creations this summer.

Brix Catering

Another Roscoe Village gem, the Brix Catering First Friday Domaine dinner should be on everyone’s calendar. The most recent one included a combination of dishes all infused with CBD. It was an incredible night and we can’t until the next one.

Ladidadi XM

If you are planning an event and the experience of your guests is what you value most. Then you must contact Ladidadi to help you. We had an incredible presence across the city this summer thanks to the careful planning and diligence of the team at Ladidadi.

If you work with Ladidadi, be sure to ask them about the CBD options for your guests. We have developed a unique line of CBD products that are perfect for executive gift bags or long, stressful offsite.

Garfield’s Beverage Depot

We love Garfield’s commitment to providing only the best curation of products they can find. Whether it’s their beer list or CBD selection, you know Garfield’s puts a lot of thought into what’s available. Not to mention their customer service and staff is exceptional. Above all, we align so well with Garfield’s approach that we worked together to create the Super Strawberry 100 mg gummy. Customers kept asking and so we delivered. You can now find the Super Strawberry gummies at all of their locations.

Super Strawberry 100 mg CBD gummies
  • LeafyQuick
    • If we want to deliver the best customer service in the CBD industry, then same day shipping needs to be what we offer. As a result, Leafyquick works closely with us to ensure our customers get what they need quickly.

Let’s get creative and work together to deliver amazing, unique CBD experiences. Contact us today.