Getting More Creative with CBD While Being Indoors


As we are all stuck at home in the name of social distancing during a rapidly spreading pandemic, most of us are trying to come up with new ways to keep ourselves busy. One of the best ways to help the time pass is to come up with a new creative hobby. This helps us feel motivated and enthusiastic with each passing day as we try to avoid the doom and gloom associated with COVID-19. 

And when it comes to hobbies, we're a little biased ... so let's get creative with CBD while stuck indoors!

Idea #1: Create Some Tasty CBD Recipes

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking or baking, why not make some spectacular edibles? All that you need is a quality CBD oil and a passion for making delicious food. You can find an existing edibles recipe online or come up with your own.  CBD oil can be cooked up to 365 degrees fahrenheit, and the possibilities are truly endless. You can make salad dressings, sauces, cookies, candies, breads and so much more with the hemp compounds that you know and love. Just remember to choose the right amount of CBD so that there’s a proper dosage level in each portion.

Idea #2: Have a CBD Spa Day

During stressful times like these, self-care is more important than ever. Taking care of ourselves can boost our mood. As you know, CBD has a lot of unique properties that interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin and muscular tissue. Therefore, a CBD spa day can be the perfect way to treat yourself.

You can either use CBD beauty and bath products that are already on the market, or you can create your own if you’re feeling extra ambitious. Making CBD skin and beauty products isn’t as hard as it sounds. Simply find a recipe online and add some CBD oil as needed. You can make creams, massage oils, bath salts, bath bombs, hair treatments and so much more with the power of the hemp plant.

Idea #3: Make CBD Gifts for Loved Ones

We’re all struggling with the fact that we’re so separated from our loved ones during this time. Our friends and family who we are used to seeing regularly suddenly seem farther away than ever before. One way to deal with not being around our favorite people is to make something special for them. If you happen to have loved ones who are hemp enthusiasts, some special handmade CBD gifts are a great option. You can either send them to your loved ones by mail or wait until distancing measures are lifted, allowing your homemade goods to act as the perfect reunion gift.

When it comes to the type of gifts that you can make, there are endless possibilities, ranging from tasty CBD candies to CBD body oils that are scented with their favorite essential oils. 

Idea #4: Give Your Pet a Delicious and Nutritious CBD Treat

Who said our pets can’t enjoy some CBD too? Right now, we’re all spending a lot more time with our four-legged family members, which is why it’s a great time to give them the gift of hemp. One of the best ways to administer CBD to your furry friends is to do so in the form of a delicious treat. And, no one knows your pets’ palate like you do, so you should consider making pet treats from scratch, creating flavors that you know your cat or dog will absolutely love.

Idea #5: Switch Up Your Daily Hemp Routine

This may also be a great time to make some changes to your daily hemp routine.  Even if you’ve found that your CBD regimen meets your needs, you can always incorporate something new into the mix. For instance, if you have been using a tincture for a while, why not start using a topical as well, for a more targeted hemp experience? Or, if you find that your CBD product isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be, maybe now is the time to go for a higher milligram strength. The world of CBD is exciting as it gives us so many options. Take advantage of this by really exploring all that the hemp market has to offer to you right now.

Those Creative Hemp Choices Are Yours to Explore

If you’re trying to come up with a way to keep yourself occupied while being stuck at home, consider one of the ideas above.  Turning your CBD hobby into a creative endeavor can help you get through this difficult time. Stay safe and enjoy all of the creative outlets that hemp has to offer.