Why can’t I buy CBD oil on Amazon?

Why can’t I buy CBD oil on Amazon?

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the U.S. and has conceivably every product you can think of, except CBD oil. In fact, Amazon’s policy states that “products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited.” A lot of people would say, “That’s not true, when I search, ‘buy CBD on Amazon,’ hundreds of options turn up.” Although it’s true that you can search for CBD oil on the Amazon platform, the options that appear are often misleading. That’s because “CBD” products on Amazon are usually just hemp oil. Read on to learn more about the difference. 

What’s the difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil?

“CBD” and “Hemp” are labels that are often used interchangeably because CBD is a derivative of hemp flower. CBD is made by harvesting the flower material and processing it with super-critical CO2 extractor; the output from that process is a thick oil that is rich in phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and even trace amounts of THC. This is the base ingredient for any real CBD oil. 

On the other hand, hemp oil is made from processing the seeds of the hemp plant, rather than the flower. Oil from hemp seeds is nutritious and filled with Omega 3 oils, but will be void of CBD or any other cannabinoids. Hemp seed derivatives are used for hemp bars, shampoos, and any product you will see on Amazon. 

Should I buy hemp oil or CBD oil?

As mentioned, both types of oil have benefits, but very different ones. While hemp oil can be healthy, it won’t provide the types of benefits typically associated with CBD oil. If you’re looking to experience the benefits you’ve likely heard/read about, don’t rely on the products you see on Amazon.  

How to spot fake CBD oil on Amazon

Fake CBD Amazon products share similar traits:

  • Ridiculous milligram counts
  • Below market pricing
  • Blatant medical claims

Furthermore, if you can’t access trustworthy test results or batch records for the product in question, there’s a good chance you can’t trust the quality or potency. 

Why is CBD banned on Amazon?

The reason CBD is banned on Amazon is referenced in Amazon’s policies around “Drug Products and Ingredients.” It notes that “Drug products must be approved by the FDA for over-the-counter (OTC) sale.” And because Amazon considers CBD a drug, but is not yet regulated by the FDA, it doesn’t pass the test. While we wait patiently for the FDA to make a determination of CBD’s classification as a medicinal substance, it’s best to purchase CBD directly from vendors and brands you trust. 

How can I find CBD that I know is safe and effective?

As mentioned, the best way to get CBD oil that is effective and safe is to find a brand that you can trust and buy it directly from them or their designated retailers. Finding the brand you like can be a process of trial and error—testing out different CBD products to see which work best for you. Trustworthy brands have several things in common:

  • They employ and publish third-party lab tests for their products that ensure products are as potent as they say they are, and free of contaminants and harmful ingredients
  • They have verified third-party reviews from happy customers
  • Labeling with clear ingredients, dosing instructions, contact information and disclaimers 
  • Batch records that give insights into the product’s origin (e.g. where the hemp came from)

Wrapping up: if you’re thinking about purchasing CBD oil online, avoid Amazon and other third-party retailers and go straight to the source. If you are looking for the highest quality CBD oils, take a look here. Half Day CBD also offers American grown pesticide and heavy metal free craft flower, take a look here at the pre-rolls and 3.5 grams in the flower section of our website