FAQ Oils

  • Can CBD oil relieve pain?

    A lot of our customers that are fitness enthusiasts say that they take Half Day CBD products – gummies, oils, and salves – after exercising to aid the body’s natural recovery process. Half Day CBD, however, maintains that our products do not have any therapeutic claims.

  • Does CBD oil help me relax?

    While Half Day CBD oils cannot treat the actual psychiatric condition, many have found its calming and relaxing effects beneficial for managing stress and promoting mental clarity.

  • Will CBD oil help me sleep better at night?

    Half Day CBD products are not a remedy to any diseases or conditions, including insomnia. However, they can promote a sense of calm that may help decrease your stress levels and lead to better rest and relaxation.

  • Is CBD oil a good skincare option?

    Antioxidants are your best friend, as these are one of the most beneficial nutrients to maintain healthy skin.

    Half Day CBD’s full-spectrum hemp oil contains the cannabinoid CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidant flavonoids, which offer benefits to our skin health. Still, every skin type is unique and may react differently to products. The effects of Half Day CBD oil may vary from user to user.

  • Can Pregnant Women Still Take CBD oil?

    Unfortunately, there isn't a definitive answer regarding the safety of taking CBD while pregnant. That's because we've only scratched the surface when it comes to CBD research, which means that we still don't have as many studies on the topic as we would like. As this industry continues to expand and grow, we hope to see some educational research on the subject. Until then, we can't say for certain.

    If you are a pregnant woman who wishes to take CBD or maintain an already-existing CBD routine, the first thing that you should do is speak with your doctor.

  • Has CBD oil gotten FDA approval yet?

    Meeting FDA approval requires time and money. CBD derived from hemp is a relatively new product on the market. In essence, it hasn’t had the time and investment yet to conduct extensive studies for submission to the FDA and possible approval.

    The good news is, there hasn't been any evidence to suggest that CBD in and of itself is unsafe. Basically, the FDA doesn't know yet if CBD will interact with other products, and if those interactions might be harmful to consumers. As the CBD market continues to evolve and has time to grow, the FDA will eventually have the information it needs to approve CBD for official use.