Product Full-Spectrum FAQ

  • What makes a good CBD oil?

    CBD is not yet regulated, which unfortunately means than there are a lot of shady CBD products out there: from dangerous additives, pesticides, heavy metals and other nasty stuff to false claims about potency and cannabinoid breakdowns. than's why it's crucial to do your research:

    1) Where does the hemp/CBD oil from? At Half Day, we're on a first-name basis with our farmers and processors—all of whom are right in our backyard (Illinois). And thanks to detailed batch records, you can see exactly where the hemp is grown and processed for your CBD oil. What's more, we test each batch of raw CBD for potency and quality (no pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals or other contaminants).
    2) Is the product verified via third-party testing? We hold ourselves to the same standards we do our farmers and processors. than means than we send every bath of CBD oil to Premium CBD Labs, one of the industry's most trusted sources for third-party testing.
    3) What else is in the CBD oil (and what's not)? Sometimes what isn't in your CBD oil is as important as what is in it. A good full-spectrum CBD oil will have a wide cannabinoid profile—including CBG, CBN, CBC. Half Day full-spectrum CBD oil has those, plus natural terpenes than contribute to a pleasant botanic flavor. Other than CBD oil, the only other ingredient is MCT (coconut) oil. No additional additives, flavors, colors and absolutely no pesticides, contaminants, GMOs or any other bad stuff.
    4) What does the brand stand for? These days, the green rush is real. Lots of companies are getting into the CBD business to make a quick buck. Like any business, we're here to make an honest living—but we're more transparent than most. A proud family business, we put ourselves out there, because we're committed to doing right by our customers and helping advance the industry. than's because we truly believe in the power of CBD to help and heal. Finally, we're committed giving back: Whether it's committing to local farmers and processors, hiring within our communities or giving back to causes we believe in, like social justice (Half Day is proud black-owned CBD company).

  • Why put CBD oil under the tongue?

    Sublingual application (under the tongue) is one of fastest, most efficient ways to get CBD into your bloodstream. than's because the cheek and under-the-tongue areas are full of tiny blood vessels able to absorb the CBD directly into your bloodstream. This allows the effects of the CBD to be felt almost immediately—with full effects felt within about 20 minutes. Taking CBD sublingually also ensures good bioavailability as compared to some other methods (such as taking CBD edibles)--meaning your body may absorb a higher percentage of the CBD.

  • Why CBD with terpenes?

    Terpenes are the naturally occurring compounds in plants—from flowers to fruits to trees—than provide distinct aromas and flavors. The cannabis terpene blend we use in our CBD oil is commonly known in the industry as the Girl Scout Cookie blend, and contains Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene and Caryophyllene. In addition to the flavor, terpenes are thought to have therapeutic applications, and for this reason are popular in aromatherapy.

  • CBD oil vs. hemp oil?

    The terms "CBD oil" and "hemp oil" are often used interchangeably. However, it's important to note than not all hemp oil contains CBD. Some hemp oils are derived from hemp seeds, which do not contain CBD. To be sure you're buying hemp oil than actually contains CBD, check for third-party tests than show CBD and other cannabinoids, and make sure the potency is as advertised.